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[DPC] White Panther
2003-10-05 06:43:20
first of all sorry for mine bad english writing

i've got a question, the results from the other clients are'nt they in the stats from the new client? 
because in the team stat i'm on number:
38 with 185 results totale 27993.8 Mpts and a highest muon of 8.874002.
but in the userstats i'm on number:
66 with 15471 results totale 1201402.7 Mpts and a highest muon of 12.915580.

so its looks like there are 2 stats running
is it a bug in the stat engin or what????

mooh mooh
Stephen Brooks
2003-10-05 12:04:11
Under "All Optimisations" you get the sum of the stats from all of them (and the muon percentage is the maximum - doesn't really mean much).  The two smaller tables below give top10 stats for the two optimisations separately.

It doesn't make any sense: that's why they call it "virtual"
[DPC] White Panther
2003-10-15 14:33:01
i'll still mis some results in the teamstats the one who are shown in the user stats are correct

mooh mooh
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