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2003-10-22 08:31:26
I just took a look at and I noticed that the list is separated in three pieces.  The first starts at the second line, the second piece starts after < SolenoidsOnly > and the third after < SolenoidsTo15cm >.
I don't fully understand what the difference is between the stats in the first part of the list and the stats in the second and third part.  Some people are listed twice or three times and then some of their columns contain the same numbers.

Could you please clarify what the reason for this split is, and what every column means for each of the three sections?

Also, I would like to ask if you can change this line in teamids.txt:

[DPC],Dutch Power Cows,

(So that our identifier includes the brackets and that our full team name shows up in the team statistics)

Dutch Power Cow.
Stephen Brooks
2003-10-22 12:19:37
The initial part is results for v4.2 where the program was "single-tasking". Then the rest is <OptimisationName> followed by the stats for that particular optimisation.  You have to add them up to get overall stats (though you obviously can't add the best muon %, and must take the minimum of the hours-since-active).
I will look into changing that team information.

It doesn't make any sense: that's why they call it "virtual"
2003-10-22 14:26:49
Thank you for you reply.

So if I understand it right, it's:
[name] [v4.2_results]             [null]                                     [particles]                                 [v4.2_yield]                          [inactive]
[name] [possible_v4.2_results] [v4.3_SolenoidsOnly_results] [v4.3_SolenoidsOnly_Mpts] [v4.3_SolenoidsOnly_yield] [inactive]
[name] [possible_v4.2_results] [v4.3_SolenoidsTo15cm_results] [v4.3_SolenoidsTo15cm_Mpts] [v4.3_SolenoidsTo15cm_yield] [inactive]

I saw you also updated the teamids.txt.  Thanks again Smile

Dutch Power Cow.
Stephen Brooks
2003-10-23 01:06:23
Yes, it's best to make any script you do detect the different optimisations as you go along (because I may add more with their own sections).  The first section is only of interest if you want to retain older stats from v4.2x.

It doesn't make any sense: that's why they call it "virtual"
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