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2003-10-27 18:11:56
I'm looking into adjusting my statistics engine to work with muon, but I have a couple of questions.

How ofter are the stats updated?  And how consistent are the updates (if it's suppose to update daily...does it do so every day like it should or are there frequent gaps where it doesn't)

Is the only CSV dump available? 

Thank you.
2003-10-28 04:55:32
There is one other plain text file:
The stats should be updated about every hour, but I can't really find a consistency in there.  Last weekend there were no updates at all.

You may want to read this thread.

BTW, ATM I'm also working on stats Smile

Dutch Power Cow.
2003-10-28 12:53:11
Ooh wow, didn't even notice the other secions within the rawstats.txt lol

[name] [v4.2_results] [null] [particles] [v4.2_yield] [inactive]
[name] [possible_v4.2_results] [v4.3_SolenoidsOnly_results] [v4.3_SolenoidsOnly_Mpts] [v4.3_SolenoidsOnly_yield] [inactive]
[name] [possible_v4.2_results] [v4.3_SolenoidsTo15cm_results] [v4.3_SolenoidsTo15cm_Mpts] [v4.3_SolenoidsTo15cm_yield] [inactive]

Might help if I learn what the hell Selenoides, Mpts, etc, etc, etc are lol.
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