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2003-10-30 03:53:45
The Best solenoidsTo15cm is 9,71xxx.  The Best in Result-Sample-File is 9,67xxx.  How can we optimize our results.dat to make better results, when you not optimize these files?  Are these results bad?
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Stephen Brooks
2003-10-30 04:16:46
The sample files only include re-checked results.  So the 9.71 wasn't a confirmed average figure, but just a single run.

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[OCAU] badger
2003-10-30 17:04:57
Originally posted by Stephen Brooks:
The sample files only include re-checked results.  So the 9.71 wasn't a confirmed average figure, but just a single run.

how is this possible?  Was it made with v432e, and only the first run reported in results.txt? Proudly sponsored by GRX-Computers
2003-10-30 22:32:22
it was the [4.32e'b'] version (the 'buggy' one Big Grin)

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2003-11-04 02:04:11
OK, i have read the answer for some days.  Now i have a next question.  Why have not the sample-files and/or the stats only re-checked results?  So you can be sure that all results are ok.  Or not?

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[OCAU] badger
2003-11-04 16:14:35
aha if this was done, then anyone who runs with a sample file wouldn't get a best result until they beat the best result in the sample file Proudly sponsored by GRX-Computers
2003-11-27 14:24:18
Next Question.  Some days ago, i have made some good results.  Two of them are rechecked.  (runs=5).  Why these results are not in the sample-files?  Best 9,679xx.

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2003-11-27 14:57:14
As far as I know the sample file is compilated in a random way, so that would explain why those rechecked results ain't in there.

But I'm kind of guessing here...

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Stephen Brooks
2003-11-28 02:53:39
1. The sample files do actually consist entirely of rechecked results right now.  I think at some time previously they didn't but that was due to lack of results to make up the 500 out of only rechecked ones.

2. If for example 100 people all send in results in the 9.76 range, not all 100 will appear in the sample file (because otherwise it would be being flooded by perhaps very similar results).  There is some randomness to select which of results in a similar band will go in.

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