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2002-08-08 06:34:16
I'm listed with far to many results (762 with best muon transfer of 0.635%).

The only computer _I_ am running Muon1 version 4.2 on has uploaded 190 results (with best muon transfer of 0.319%).  Or do the numbers shown by muon1viewresults.exe have a different meaning?

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2002-08-08 12:02:16

I'm missing some Results (about 500-800) - I have sent Results from two Computers - the first has about 2500 Results the second about 300 - the first Batch of Results from the first Computer (about 1700) was correctly counted the second Batch is missing (about 500) - the first Batch of Results from my second Computer is counted in the Statistic (I've sen the after the second Batch from the first Computer)
so I thought they got lost and send them again, with another 200 or 300 Results
but they are still missing



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Stephen Brooks
2002-08-09 07:28:04
Results from the buggy v4.21 will never show up.  Results from the correct v4.21a will show up later this evening when I activate that version in the stats database. 

Results from v4.2 or lower can potentially be lost on the FTP server due to a bug in those versions (uploading results.txt to the server and then renaming it, instead of renaming it _first_).

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