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2003-11-03 13:26:14
One of my fellow team mates has a problem with his stats on the official page.  He originaly had 2500+ results on the SolenoidsOnly optimization.  He began running the project again with 4.32f on the SolenoidsTo15cm optimization with about 900+ results which now show up in the rawstats.txt.  The only problem is that in the official stats (teams page), the 2nd entry in the rawstats.txt (solenoidsto15cm) is the only results that are showing up in his stats now.  It seems the solenoidsonly entry is being overwritten by the 2nd entry (solenoidsto15cm).  Is this a known problem?
2003-11-03 13:35:15
Not afaik.
I'm listed three times in rawstats.txt, and for each simulation/optimization I have other amouts of results.  Seems to be OK for me.

Dutch Power Cow.
2003-11-04 09:36:07
Well my team mate has 3 entries in the rawstats.txt, but only his last entry shows up Frown

Any idea when the rawstats.txt will be back online?  I noticed all the stats were gone.
wirthi [Free-DC]
2003-11-04 11:09:58
I'm listed three times; one of those is a typo, forgot to put a space between username and teamname, so that's my fault.

About the other two: I guess this is done to seperate the different versions.  Now I know why I'm #1 on our team - since only the last version is counted.

Magnav0x, if you use the rawstats.txt (I assume you already do) to calculate your stats just add all the lines of users with the same username - to get a more precise result.  On the other hand, nobody would recognize what that'd mean if everything is different between official stats and your stats ... Guess it's better just to show everything that is also used in the official stats ...

2003-11-04 12:05:38
Well Beyond should actualy show up twice in the official stats, but he doesn't (some sort of bug).  My stats show exactly what SHOULD be shown on the official stats.  Current statistics are based on all 4.3X clients.  Beyond has results from 4.3 and 4.32, which should both show up, but in the official stats the first is overwritten with the second instead of showing them both or better yet, merging them like I do in my stats.
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