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2003-11-13 12:48:05
Hi Guys,
since a few days i have Linux.  Some one says now "Great" but nothing works realy fine.  As a newbie i have a problem: i downloaded the source code for muon.  But what must i do with this.  I already downloaded the version 4.3 from  But this version is shit.  The best results are 0.2xxxx.  I cant add files to my results.dat.  The client stops with an errormessage.  In the forum ( i read that this version only can read and work with results from version 4.3. But the sample-files are all 4.3xx. 
So, what must i do, that the Version 4.32 work.  And how can i make that muon starts when i Linux start.  Like Autostart in Win.  Thank you.

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Stephen Brooks
2003-11-14 08:36:15
Muon1 isn't supported under Linux right now - there was an old version up by PX3 but now he is quite busy.  I do have Linux here, but you'll have to wait some months before I get around to porting it.

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2003-11-14 21:20:17
You have to stick with the 4.3 client that was ported by PX3 for now, but you can have it autostart by editing the /etc/init.d/local.start file (may differ slightly between distros) and add:

sh /opt/unixmuon/

To the bottom of that file.  Of course replace /opt/unixmuon with the directory you have it installed to.  That should get your client started automaticaly at boot.
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