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2003-11-24 07:21:01
Am I correct in assuming that the SolenoidsTo15cm lattice is the only optimisation being used at this point?  I'm only asking because the stats for SolenoidsOnly look as if they are still being updated (twice) daily, and the new version does not include the file.  I haven't used the program in a while, and now that I have the new version and am running it again, I just thought I'd ask.  Thanks!
2003-11-24 09:35:57
The reason that the stats for SolenoidsOnly are still updated, is probably becase a lot of people are still using that version.

SolenoidsTo15cm is the newest indeed, so you should use that one.

Dutch Power Cow.
2003-11-24 10:20:13
Thanks, that's what I figured-- but why would one choose to run the older optimisation?  Wouldn't the newer version return more desirable results, at least from a development standpoint of the simulation, and ultimately for the accelerator itself?  Sorry to drag this out, I appreciate the replies!  Big Grin
2003-11-24 11:29:38
The reason some still simulate the old optimization, is because they don't know there's a new one, have forgotten about the project, have forgotten about that a particular computer or are unable to access a particular computer.


Dutch Power Cow.
Stephen Brooks
2003-11-24 13:46:02
Oddly, while writing up and making deductions from these results last week, I found that both SolenoidsOnly and SolenoidsTo15cm were relevant to the discussion in my report.  But 'To15cm is the 'fresher' of the two, with fewer configurations already computed and hence I guess a higher likelihood of making an improvement.  Hey, it jumped by about 0.02 just a day or so ago Smile

HB Pencils, also sold as "Moron's Choice" Graphite Cigars.
2003-11-25 10:41:35
Thanks guys-- now on to spreading the program to my other machines-- I only wish that I could use my Sparcs and SGI to contribute as well!  Big Grin I'm sure they'd love to crunch away on this!  Someday...(no pressure Stephen) Wink
2003-11-27 05:46:33
but why would one choose to run the older optimisation far as I know......the latest Linux version of the client is 4.3 and it does SolenoidsOnly......
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