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2003-11-25 03:28:18
....but I can't find an answer.

Can anyone please tell me why certain simulations go through "quarantine" and get re-run 5 times before they are added to the results?

I have had many of these, and everyone has always passed quarantine - if this was important, I would have expected at least some of them to fail.


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Stephen Brooks
2003-11-25 07:04:09
They always get through, but the important thing is that their yield percentage might be changed.  If the simulation comes up with a design that appears to score higher than any in your results.dat file previously, it "quarantines" it for a further 4 runs and records only an average of the scores it gets (as they vary slightly).  This is to prevent a design from scoring too highly by chance.

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2003-11-26 07:15:59
Thanks you for answering my question so clearly.  I fully understand the need for the quarantine now.  Smile
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