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2003-12-01 10:07:28
Stephen- I've noticed that you have updated the stats list for All Optimisations to include only those that have sent results recently-- but the muon percentages are no longer listed.  Is this to be the new format, or was this merely an oversight?
[OCAU] badger
2003-12-01 15:07:41
over in this thread stephen explains that he has culled those who haven't submitted for 1000 hours from the stats list.  means I jumped to 23rd... Proudly sponsored by GRX-Computers
Stephen Brooks
2003-12-02 00:37:41
When listing all optimisations, the muon percentages were removed because they aren't really meaningful.  If one optimisation had been of a simple part of the design and another of a longer part, the longer one would have scored a lower efficiency and yet its result is much more useful scientifically, so I can't combine the percentage scores from individual optimisations together.

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2003-12-02 08:26:22
Aah... I see.  Now that I look at it, I see how the percentages differ between the optimisations.  An oversight of my own.  Thank you for cleaning up the posted list- hopefully those who didn't make the cut will return someday soon.  Smile

[This message was edited by Lex_Luthor on 2003-Dec-02 at 21:10.]
[OCAU] badger
2003-12-02 14:28:47
the only problem is I don't know whether to brag to my friends (!) that I am #23 or #29 in the world... Proudly sponsored by GRX-Computers
2003-12-03 11:15:35
Brag about the top 30 anyway Wink Big Grin

I'd say more, but I can't reach the keyboard from the floor.
Stephen Brooks
2003-12-04 01:57:22
Originally posted by [OCAU] badger:
the only problem is I don't know whether to brag to my friends (!) that I am #23 or #29 in the world...
Well 29th is safer, though you could say you're the 23rd "active" member.

HB Pencils, also sold as "Moron's Choice" Graphite Cigars.
[OCAU] badger
2003-12-04 15:56:05
ok 22 (active) sounds good (must have lost someone else above me, as I haven't put many results in, although had the #2 transmission for a few hours)
I actually did talk to a (close female) friend about muon, and she was actually interested (ok it was late at night, in the moonlight, after alcohol consumption, but it worked...).

so next time you are stuck for a pickup line, mention your muon world ranking... Proudly sponsored by GRX-Computers
2003-12-09 09:22:29
What a coincidence- I recently spoke with a friend of mine (also female, and at a bar) about the project.  She is doing her thesis on neutrinos, so after explaining the ultimate goal of the simulation, she became quite interested.  Not to mention, what physicist wouldn't enjoy having a virtual particle accelerator on their desktop?  I haven't considered trying to explain this to a non-scientifically minded female-- but thanks... I think I may just give it a try.  Wink

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