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2003-12-04 18:46:02
Im running muon1 v4.32g on a few computers, is there any easy way to see all of my results on one computer without copying the results.dat file from each of the computers?  If not, can I combine all of the data from those files?

Garrett Woods
Stephen Brooks
2003-12-05 03:30:19
You could take the files off each computer and merge them.  You do that simply by appending the results.dat files together, either in WordPad (but be careful not to introduce blank lines or missing linefeeds) or maybe by the DOS command
copy results1.dat+results2.dat+results3.dat results_all.dat
Viewresults can then view that merged file (if it's named results.dat and in the same directory as viewresults.exe), and you can even safely replace all your muon installations' results.dat files by the merged file, as results.dat is just used as a database to base new designs on (it's best not to mess around with results.txt because this is what gets uploaded to the server).

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