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2003-12-12 20:08:17
I just installed this program today.  I ran the graphic mode, and watched as the particles traveled down the tube...quite fascinating to watch.

But I looked around this website, and there's a screenshot of a much more complicated design than those shown by my program.  Is this because I just installed it and it hasn't developed the design yet (still in a primordial soup stage)?  Or do I need to download something to get up to speed?  I've seen some files like this, ("resultxxx.dat" etc.) but I've also read that they damage the diversity of the designs...

If my client will eventually develop something like that, I'm happy to watch and wait.  Or, am I running something out-of-date, or that's already been tested?  What should I do?

Thanks a lot!
2003-12-12 23:58:41
Everyone with the same version of the program is simulation the same part of the accelerator, only with slightly different settings for the magnets.  So you're not doing anything less useful than the rest of us Smile

As for the resultsxxx.dat files: Don't use them on all comps.  They may be downloaded by the client automatically since you have the latest version.  You may want to check that out in the config file.

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Stephen Brooks
2003-12-13 10:56:12
The bendy bit was being tested in version 4.2x. I try different ideas from other researchers out on this program as they come along.  Some time we should be able to add another, longer section such as that to the end of the channel (this will be in version 5.x).

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