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[AVE] MrSledgeHammer
2003-12-14 13:48:06
Hi Stephen,

I've mentioned it some weeks ago... What about a gcc- (and Windows)-compatible
commandline version of current muon-client?

Porting current versions is impossible due to the Windows-Only-stuff in your
versions; and every new version has more features like this.  What next?

- All UNIX/Linux users "must" crunching with obsolete versions?

It's your job to stop this!  NOW.

- You should hurry up to provide ports for the world outside "Windows"
or you should be aware an remarkable decrease in comuting power
for your project.
- PX3, SlipStream, a lot of top ten, Team AVE, and myself will shutdown all
clients - BTW: done already due to your "fascist" "new" stats - if you do not
provide a better client in far future!.

It's all not like muon/DPAD should be


SLedge Cool Cool Cool

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2003-12-18 20:50:57
On a related note - what happened to the source codes?
[AVE] MrSledgeHammer
2003-12-19 11:17:57
Originally posted by AySz88:
On a related note - what happened to the source codes?

The old sources are o.k. Anyway: The new sources will never exist while
Stephens versions are "iterating". New features, new windows... a complete
rewrite of whole "muon1" has do be done to call the new programm a port.

BTW Stephen: WINE is _not_ a solution at all.  Real servers have no "X" and/or WINE


Sledge Confused Confused Confused

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