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2003-12-16 20:52:41
Im running V4.33 on a laptop, does anyone out there know of a program that can stop the simulation if it starts to get too hot?  Or perhaps this could be added to the next version?

2003-12-17 03:32:32
My brothers has an auto-heat thing.  When the CPU gets too hot, the system thread takes over 100% of CPU and throws the fan in full blast for a few seconds.  Then it gives the thread time back ot other proccess when it cools enough.

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Stephen Brooks
2003-12-17 04:30:04
I had a request about this way back, for a "CPU % throttle", which on a very old to-do list was pencilled in for v3.06 (that never happened!).  Really the laptop ought to regulate itself, and I know Centrino ones do.  Failing that, maybe if you're going to let it run for 24hours to do this muon-ing, you could store it in your fridge while you're not using it?  Smile
If you can't find another way around this problem (and there really _should_ be, since when you pay for e.g. a 800MHz laptop you expect to _get_ the full 800MHz without heat issues), I'll try adding in the throttle anyway.

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2003-12-17 06:30:30
i forgot to tell you one thing, its a piece of crap dell laptop, so it just turns the fan on full blast (which i think just makes noise) instead of switching off some processes.  once it comes on, it doesnt turn off until you stop the process manually.
2004-01-08 15:41:34
I used ot have this problem a long time ago, with this system (ok, not that long ago, maybe 3-4 years) when I worrked in a very closed office (talking 6ftx9ft, no windows, thick walls, with RF screening, and 4 PCs) and back then, I was misguided, and ran THINK and  The UD client let me put in start up and shut-down times, and the client had a way to exit the program via a file - the client checks for a certain named file int he directory, and if its there, it shuts down the client, just checks the name, so it could be a zero-byte file; and there was a quick and dirty batch file to create this file, and a slightly larger oen to deletet he file, and restart the client (or i might have written the batch files, was a while ago)

Anyway, every night, I'd have both clients shu down at about the same time, to alow things to cool.  any old scheduling program can handle them, or it could be triggered by something like MBM

Oh, by the way, just to comment - I'd never personally use laptops for serious computational work, any more than I'd use a palm for one.  They're designed to be mobile computers, with the emphasis on the mobile, than the computing.  A lot have problems with heat, especially Dell (you did hear about all those people who got 2nd and 3rd degree burns from their Dell laptops last year, didn't you - they use the baseplate as a heatsink, which is why the company calls them "notebooks" now.

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2004-02-12 14:34:45
Maybe this little program can help you.  I don't know if it supports the chipset, but you should be able to find out on his website.
I have used the program on some of my PC's, and it works fine for me.

CPUCool by Wolfram Podien

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