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2003-12-18 11:27:21
I have 4 computers running dpad and only 2 are showing up on the results.  Also I belong to Team US Distributed and have 2 totals showing, anyway of getting them combined to show total for all computers?


Stephen Brooks
2003-12-19 00:45:50
If you wanted all your computers to go into the same total in the stats, you could have given them the same "username". As it is, they will be treated as separate users.  The stats don't do totals at the moment, though I plan to do this at a later time.
If the results.dat file on the computers that aren't showing up is less than 100KB, that is just because they haven't sent in their results yet.

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2003-12-20 19:53:27
Sir can you take all unionpacific59 and unionpacific59 [us-distributed] and unionpacific59[us-distributed] and combine all of the scores into unionpacific59 [us-distributed].

Larry Benson
Stephen Brooks
2003-12-22 02:11:47
OK, I've done that now.  The reason I gave a peculiar answer last time was that I thought you'd given all your individual machines different names (which is OK, but will mean they'll be counted as separate).
Now all your results are under the same name, just make sure you've got all the user.txt files set to that name as well, so the others won't re-emerge Smile

HB Pencils, also sold as "Moron's Choice" Graphite Cigars.
2003-12-22 02:33:47
Thank you very much for your time and effort.

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