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2003-12-24 05:01:31
I made a typo when I entered my user name and need it changed when you have the time.
I put [TA}Rebel Alliance in for my user name instead of [TA]Rebel Alliance and need it changed so TeAm Anandtech gets the credit for my work.
I have already changed it in my user file.
2003-12-24 05:36:46
Seems I now have 2 accounts since I uploaded some results after I made the change in my user file so could you merged the incorrect account ( [TA}Rebel Alliance ) into the correct account ( [TA]Rebel Alliance )
Stephen Brooks
2003-12-24 06:23:38
OK, that's done now.

HB Pencils, also sold as "Moron's Choice" Graphite Cigars.
2003-12-24 06:45:44
Thanks much Smile
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