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Stephen Brooks
2003-12-24 06:32:36
1. This is my last day at work until I return on the 5th of January, so if something goes severely wrong with the Muon stats-generator during the Christmas holidays, I won't be able to fix it before then.  (However, I _have_ tested that if there is a temporary power-cut, this machine restarts itself, logs in as me and the scheduled stats services will hopefully run again).

2. Right now I am doing some preliminary simulations of the full 'chicane' design - that is, the decay channel, bending chicane _and_ the muon linear accelerator to 400MeV.  The code now simulates the linac properly, I think, and I'm getting some results here for the optimised decaychannel+chicane from Muon1 v4.2 joined onto the baseline design for the linac.  Optimising the linac in full generality involves another 630 parameters together with the 137 we already had for the first two parts!  (It's about twice the length as the solenoid channel, and the simulation now runs to 500ns).  The 'cooling ring' design requires a bit more work (cooling components: liquid hydrogen energy-absorbers), but I will get to that in time as well.

Oh, and
3. Merry Christmas!

HB Pencils, also sold as "Moron's Choice" Graphite Cigars.
2003-12-24 09:10:21
Merry Christmas to you too.  Smile

Oh, and
4. Happy New Year!

Dutch Power Cow.
[TA] D347h
2003-12-24 16:15:29
Merry Christmas to all you reading this text Big Grin

5. Happy crunching everyone !!

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Stephen Brooks
2004-01-06 12:03:09
Hey!  What's with the "470 GHz" business?  The project was running at 200 when I went off for Christmas break.  What happened, a phase of SETI end or something?  Big Grin

HB Pencils, also sold as "Moron's Choice" Graphite Cigars.

After bouncing off the sides of the Internet for a short time, I figured out that this must be a Team-Anandtech-related anomaly (designated by [TA]).  If today was International Talk Like a Pirate day, I would say "Welcome aboard, me hearties!"
[TA] D347h
2004-01-06 12:25:18
It's not SETI1 ends, 'cos if it was, many of TA members will move here and give us big kick..

US lately trying to send some more Mpts then we do, but some of us switched temporary to SETI, that's why our yesterday's production was under 1M Mpts... Heh, I'm waiting when SETI will end..

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[OCAU] badger
2004-01-06 14:38:35
I notice from following the links in your sig, that dpad/muon is not mentioned on the TA site, perhaps a bit more publicity will help the cause? Proudly sponsored by GRX-Computers
[TA] D347h
2004-01-06 21:31:03
I agree with you, it's not updated from a looooong time, and there is no-one willing to do it now Frown

However, there aren't many people watching it, we all spend time on forum, where recently I've been publishing DPAD daily stats - and we gained about 10 new people!!

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2004-01-10 08:01:11
It is listed in the welcome thread at the top of the dc forum along with the other dc projects.
bty it was updated a few months ago.
bty#2 when seti ends you should see a lot more than just a couple of hundred Ghz.
2004-01-15 18:06:14
and... of course -- LOOK OUT when I begin to recruit.

Lest anyone forget the RC5-64 saga - ala' "TACube"....

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