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Dave Peachey
2004-01-06 08:38:02
Stephen et al,

I've recently started using v4.33 on my various Windows XP/2K home machines and have no problems getting them to run as a service using Firedaemon v1.5 by setting it to launch the "muon1_cmdline.bat" file as a hidden service.

However, doing the same thing on my Windows NT machine at work (albeit with Firedaemon v1.6) results in . . . nothing.  Firedaemon launches, but the calling of the bat file doesn't appear to be launching the muon1.exe file.  I've managed to launch the exe file manually using the bat file without any problems at all so there's nothing inherently wrong with the process.

For comparison's sake, both SETI@Home and the earlier Moun1 v4.31c run as services without problems on this work machine using Firedaemon v1.6 so I can't see this as necessarily being a Firedaemon problem and I'm not in a position to test whether the problem is with a different version of Firedaemon (I don't have the earlier version at work).

I wonder whether anyone has encountered a similiar issue - or, indeed, whether this problem is peculiarly mine!

Stephen Brooks
2004-01-06 12:00:26
Try running muon1.exe with the commandline parameter "-c". That should be a more direct way of launching it, as I've heard batch files aren't always as seamless as we'd like them to be.

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Dave Peachey
2004-01-07 01:05:41

Ah well, that was easily resolved Smile it now works as it should.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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