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wirthi [Free-DC]
2004-01-11 13:53:54

i've downloaded

great program!

Just one question.  According to one map I have (nothing official, just a printout with no verification) the star Sirius should be near to the sun, too (guess that's why it's the brightes).  It's roughly in the direction of Wolf 359, and about 10 Lj away from sun.

Stephen Brooks
2004-01-12 06:08:30
I found when using that program that stars can be quite hard to spot - for instance it took me a while even to find Alpha Centauri!  It is to do with the perspective: what seems like a short depth equates to a long way tranversely.

If you can't find it after more searching, I'll check myself, but Sirius ought to be in there at 8.6 light years from the Sun if I remember rightly.

NB: it may be called "Alpha CMAJ" or something though, being the brightest star in Canis Major.

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wirthi [Free-DC]
2004-01-12 07:22:33

thanks, I've found that.  That means the map I have I wrong, what I had suspected.  Well, you can't trust all the sources in the internet as it seem ..

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