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2004-01-13 08:37:24
For some reason I can't seem to get the screensaver mode to get working on a couple of my computers.  When I go to the screensaver properties and click "Preview" it loads up and runs it just fine.  But when I let it sit there and wait for the screensaver to pop on it doesn't do it.  I've tried making a batch file to launch muon1.exe and directing the screensaver ini to that file, and had the same effect.  The "Preview" will work but it won't actually lauch as a screensaver when it's supposed to.

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Stephen Brooks
2004-02-04 06:55:17
I found out what was causing that and fixed the screensaver just now.  Under Windows XP, at least, if a screensaver is a stub that calls another process, and the stub terminates before the called program does (i.e. it goes async and doesn't wait for it to finish), Windows shuts down both processes when the stub dies.  I had to add some code to make it wait for the "quit" message from the other process.

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2004-02-04 09:46:39
WOOHOO!  Works like a charm now Stephen!  Thanks a bunch.  Cool

Friends help friends move....
REAL friends help friends move dead bodies.
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