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[Team Ninja]PenDragon
2004-01-18 23:24:49
I have started having a problem with one machine, where after several hours of sucessfull running, the client just silently quits.  Is there a way I can invoke the client with trace, so that I can get a clue what might be happening ?
2004-01-19 01:18:46
I have a machine that does the same thing from time to time (PIII 700Mhz).  I run the graphical version of it on that particular machine, and every few days I'll notice that it has stopped running for some reason.  There always seems to be a blank DOS (console) window open labeled Muon1.exe at the top, but there is no prompt or info in it . . . just a black box.  Havn't studied my directory yet to see if maybe it gets confused at a certain point where it is trying to send results and sorta freezes in place or if maybe it's the part where it automatically downloads the latest top results.  I'm leaning more towards the latest top results theory cause I'm pretty sure I've seen a results.txt file of only 30kb in size so it wouldn't have been uploading results.  But I do have my auto-download top results set to once a day and that's what I think might be doing it.  Not really a big deal for me cause I'm usually checking each of my systems a few times a day, but for some out there that leave a machine going for several days without checking on it, it could prove a tad irritating.  I'll try to remember to check out my file date on the top100 results.dat and see if that coincides roughly with the time that I notice that it's stopped running.  Best of luck.  Wink

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2004-01-19 01:24:37
Typically this appears as a timeout when a write conflict happens.  I had that multiple times across a crappy network, until I set the backup write time to an hour or so Big GrinWink

If possible in the next version there should be write conflict handler.

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