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2004-02-09 05:18:18
muon1.exe save to autogfx.sav
muon1_cmdline.bat save to autocli.sav
and muon1_background.exe to...(let me try)
If they can save to one file it will be great i think.  Wink

A high school boy from China.
Just Love DC(distributed computing)
Stephen Brooks
2004-02-09 06:42:42
What would be the point in that?  If you have two different sorts of Muon1 running at once, they only _read_ from the autosave files when you first run them, so they would just repeat the same calculation.  Plus having them save to the same file could cause write-conflicts; this is less bad now they are checksummed, but I'm still not sure if I want to risk it.

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2004-02-09 08:11:47
I think...
for example I run cmdline first, and then i want to see Graphic(i think it is very interesting) i will close cmdline and cmdline will save(write) A in the savefile after that i run Graphic,the Graphic can read A and do work from A. my mother want to use PC i will run background, so i close Graphic it can save B in savefile,and when i run background it can read B and do work from B...
and Stephen,you can make users can't run different sorts in a same time Wink

A high school boy from China.
Just Love DC(distributed computing)
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