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[AVE] MrSledgeHammer
2004-02-14 10:40:24
... Stephen,

Team [AVE] is out of your project _NOW_. Eek

Good luck for your project and may be ... if your programs don't focus
to "windows-only"-world we can do something again for "dpad".

JFTR: At the moment "your" ports are too old and the core-code
(your part) produces too many serious errors.. new ports will never
happen due to your focus to ms-windows-programming... and so:

Regards & bye

Sledge Cool Cool Cool
Stephen Brooks
2004-02-14 11:30:08
Bye, hope you find some useful project on Linux to crunch on!

HB Pencils, also sold as "Moron's Choice" Graphite Cigars.
[AVE] MrSledgeHammer
2004-02-14 12:31:02
Back for this one:

Originally posted by Stephen Brooks:
Bye, hope you find some useful project on Linux to crunch on!

it's not Linux vs. Windows at all.  The reason for leaving "dpad" is
unportable code of the client.

I would prefer Solaris someone other Linux or even HP-UX or whatever.
"gcc"-compatible (and this will be portable one) code will rule!

Regards Sledge Cool Cool Cool
2004-10-12 13:03:11
Such a typical linux punk.

Id like to know where all these SERIOUS ERRORS are....

I run DPAD on Win 2000 Pro, Win 2000 Server, Win 2000 Advanced Server, AND Win XP PRO.

My clients run day in, day out with NO issues what so ever (NO REBOOTS, NO LOCKUPS, NO BSOD's)....

So it sounds like the typical linux user...."I cant get my hardware to run right / So I'll blame the OS."

(Considering the age of the original post....I suspect i could have been wrong about the stability of the client at that specific time, but my experince with DPAD have shown very little problem if any at all.)
2004-10-12 15:40:25
At home I only use Windows.
But at university all I use is Linux and Solaris.  I know *BSD from from friends.
When I start my computer the first thing I do is ssh to at least one *NIX box.

All I can say is: I look forward to the day that all the drivers I use are proted to *NIX and my parents and sister are relying less on Windows-only programs and document formats.

I personally so no advantages to the Windows OS an sich compared to other OS'es.
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