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2004-02-16 12:08:37
O.K.....I give up.

I was unable to upload my first two results.txt after they reached 100k.

They were sent using using Passive FTP with Autosend. 

It began to look like the upload would work but then stopped, went through the
2 of 10 attempts, 3 of 10 attempts, up to 10 of 10 attempts and then gave up.

I am stuck with the datasets named:
20040213-042622-Vooiv-Pumpkin and 20040210-044802-YTN3X-Pumpkin.

For some reason, the third upload of result.txt worked.

Now what?

Thanks from a novice and new contributor.
2004-02-16 12:41:10

I have also had some trouble, which I found out was due to my firewall.
The problem went away, when I turned the firewall off, for the duration
of the sending...
2004-02-16 17:33:12
Yes, that seems to be the reason, but what do I do with the two previously mentioned text files?

Are those two runs wasted?

Can I send them for some way or am I SOL?

2004-02-17 07:43:45
I renamed the files bacj to "results.txt" and then resend them.  I got send but
I still haven't seen the results in the stats.  I don't know if they are lost on the great internet, but I hope not.  I'm still waiting for some response from Stephen Brook, who is aware of my problem.
2004-02-17 08:17:23
Thanks Mech-man.

Let me know when you receive the answer.
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