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2004-02-26 15:26:46
How come I keep losing my entire production?  Today my production was listed as -214k Mpts.  That's the second time happening, first time I lost around 70K.
You can view it here.

Edit: Ehrm, they just went right, i.e. today's production was 0 (which is correct).  But the first 70k which vanished are still gone.

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Stephen Brooks
2004-02-27 02:23:11
I found that the duplicate-remover hadn't been working so fixed it around the 20th of February, so any duplicates you may have submitted in the past got removed right then.  A lot of people have submitted them by accident for various reasons...

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2004-02-28 19:33:35
When stats are being updated, your production goes negative for some reason.  When the stats run is done, everything is back to normal.
2004-03-02 09:00:59
Oh I see.. thanks for clearing that up, I was getting worried here Smile

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