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2002-08-10 12:51:11
currently we are only doing eccp-109 and growing smile
we are from Fryslan northern part of the Netherlands.

I like the this DC-projects, because of the scientific angle.

whe will first stay in eccp-109 but this projects looks fine in overall, first gona look @ the contents here, program etc etc.

found some things that would improve the project wink
no i just like to help out, to make things better what also makes it better for us.  smile

expect many quastions wink have already got many will post them later in this thread.

see you people as soon as possible in this project.
see below for our page if you can read dutch.  smile

T E A M: Grutte Pier [Wa Oars] / Fryslân wer mei Kening \
2002-08-11 04:47:08
have been trough the forum a bit, i was a bit too sceptic.
see that there are constantley updates en develop ment will post separate topic or mix in the threads for questions now.

T E A M: Grutte Pier [Wa Oars] / Fryslân wer mei Kening \
Stephen Brooks
2002-08-11 07:00:22
Hi and welcome to the project.
If you have a team then if you tell me the team name (which should be included in all member's usernames - like [] in some names), I can add it to the team-stats page

"As every 11-year-old kid knows, if you concentrate enough Van-der-Graff generators and expensive special effects in one place, you create a spiral space-time whirly thing, AND an interesting plotline"
2002-08-11 11:14:38
not yet wink
we are @ eccp-109 and we are notthat big it is our only project.

about the stats he

could you not do a system like other DC project on username,e-mail basis.
gona grab that eccp-109 stats again wink
when you install question is nick and e-mail
you can then fill your e-mail in @ the team specifiek sub stats page an foila.

so they can do its self and this is not so stres full for you when later several 1000 will be @ this.  because i think with some better things and those partialy goin on many people will come

take a glans @ other stat sytems @ dc-projects.

mail chris (he is away for a few days)
eccp-109 page

also is saw result returend for each version but there is no total results returned for muon1/4 would also be nice i think.  smile

i now i have much comments but just trying to help cool

T E A M: Grutte Pier [Wa Oars] / Fryslân wer mei Kening \

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