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2004-03-01 13:21:23

Sorry to contact u on this way, but my I could not register on the OCAU forum and the email muon_at_megareview doesn't seem to work anymore. 

The reason why I contact u is your Muon Calculator.  Many ppl in our team use it, but some also have problems with it.  There's one major issue, and that is the last digit of the complete muon points of the results.txt.  Someppl have to move one digt to the left in order to get the real results: 1234 = 123.5 points.  For others it works fine. 

Are u still developing Muon Calulator?  The last update on it is from November 2003. If not, are u willing to give away the source code so other can develope it and distribute it freely on the net?


Christian Diepold
2004-03-01 16:06:00
I have never seen the problem you are talking about, if you could describe it in more detail, ie the version you are using, the amount of results at the time and possibly keep a copy of the results.txt that is causing the problems and I am sure Matt can have a look at it for you.  I have sent him a PM and I am sure he will look at this as soon as he can
2004-03-01 16:19:37
Hahaha didn't realise anyone was really using it anymore.

I might head over to your forums and have a look at the problems.  Havn't touched it for a while but if people are having problems i will try to fix them and maybe add more features if i have the time.  I don't quite understand the problem but I'll have a look tonight after work and see whats happening.

2004-03-02 00:57:49

Great I finally was able to get in contact with you!

I'm using the latest version from your website, I also downloaded the runtime files.  The problem is, that MC is somwhat screwing up on the digits in ALL my results.txt files.  For others though it is reported to work perfectly. 

Here's my prob:

Right now I have a result.txt file with 34 results in it.  MC though shows as
"Points in file: 108703". As you can easily tell, this is way to much.  When I caculate the results by hand with a pocketcalculator, the real score in that file is "10870.3". MC just missed to put in the "." before the last digit. 

On the other hand, when the overall score of a file ends in a "0", like it would have said "10800", then MC doesn't do that last-digit-dot error. 

This confuses a lot of ppl, especially the new members who wanna check on how many points they already crunched and then get like WOW, Smile so many points, but after they uploded .. Frown

Interestingly, this problem does NOT occur for everybody.  On some PCs it just works fine.  I'll do some further investigatio on this topic to check if these ppl for example have installed not just the runtime of your website but maybe the full runtime package of somewhere else.


2004-03-02 01:26:45
Could you please email me your results.txt file to

I did a quick check at work with muon and it seemed to calulate it but i'll look in to the problem more as i know understand the exact problem.

Hope to recieve an email soon.

2004-03-02 01:44:17
File is sent, though I don't think you're going to receive it!  I tried contacting you that way but my mails kept bouncing ...
2004-03-02 01:59:40
Weird, i read that in your first post and did a test one from work and it came through alright.

try sending just an email without any attachments?  Mail me at work maybe?

Hmm if it bounces say and i will PM you my work address, as i don't want it public.
2004-03-02 02:00:04
Yip, it bounced.  Mailer Deamon error.  Mad

My first mails were without attachment and were bounced as well.  I think you OCAU guys just don't like my email Smile cause I couldn't register on the forums as well.  I said invalid email.  And it'snot hotmail or yahoo I use. 

Plz PM me so I can send it to u


PS: errrr.  stupid question, how do u PM on this forum anyway??  Can't find it Big Grin


[This message was edited by [TA]BlackMountainCow on 2004-Mar-02 at 10:10.]
Stephen Brooks
2004-03-02 03:19:25
Infopop have replaced the perfectly-good PM feature by some obscure "Private Topic" feature that no-one knows how to use.  I don't know how to use it.  In fact I don't even know if I've activated it on this forum or not... Red Face

By 2050 the UK government plans to phase out nuclear power and get 60% of its power from wind turbines.  Really, REALLY big wind turbines.
2004-03-02 03:25:07
Hahahah yeah i noticed that after i posted and was going to pm you on the TA forums.

yeah whats with info-pop trying to be different, i feel its not doing them any good, more bad as i don't like this forum as much as the "normal" php ones.
2004-03-02 03:49:32

Ok, glad I'm not too dump to find the PM function Smile


Sure, just PM me on the TA forum!
2004-03-08 22:20:33
Maybe this could be the problem...

The decimal point is usually the dot ".", but for some countries, e.g. Greece, Denmark and others, it is ",".

If the program is written in VB you can use this code to find the regional setting without using the API:

Public Function DecimalSeparator() As String
DecimalSeparator = Mid$(1 / 2, 2, 1)
End Function
2004-03-08 23:14:51
Good idea MechEng.  Actually ZeonX just posted in the TA forum that this really seems to be the reason for some ppl having trouble as their country uses a "," instead of a "." to separate decimals.  Big Grin
2004-03-09 11:15:24
I just saw the thread at TA... Smile
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