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2004-03-03 02:04:52

I was wondering if the size of the results.dat file at any point in time is becoming a disadvantage?  Cause mine is around 5 MB (ca.  5000 results) by now.  And one of our very new members just kicked into DPAD and made a shot for #3 in the total transfer stats without any results.dat of course. 

So would u say that after a certain time one should delete the results.dat file and start all over again with a fresh DPAD or doesn't it matter at all?


Stephen Brooks
2004-03-03 06:41:54
My results.dat is about 11MB in size.  If you get rid of it and the program goes from the downloaded "sample" results only, you probably have a higher chance of emulating one of the already-high results, but perhaps less chance of coming up with something new.  With a larger file it does choose from a longer pool so sometimes more often from the lower results, but it has more data to learn from so in the long run a larger .dat ought to be better.

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2004-03-03 07:05:09
Ok thx.  I gonna keep my results.dat then Big Grin
2004-03-05 04:33:30
Along the same vein does the size of results.txt effect the performance significantly

I have a feeling as I increase the file size past 100K the results sometimes seem to stagnate or even decline.  Eek

does this actully happen Confused
2004-03-05 05:16:27

I don't think that the results.txt file has any impact on the performance.  I mean, it's only a file where the results are written in and afterwards it's not read anymore.  It's not used for any calculations at all, just a storage file.  I onl ydump once a week and usually my results.txt is about 700k to 1 MB then and I never noticed any decline. 


2004-03-07 04:51:34
Thanks for the info

I send my file in every 120KB or so I thought I'd ask what other users had observed with their txt files

I guess it's just me thinking it advances slowly at times Roll Eyes
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