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2004-03-04 20:15:22
I recently started using version 4.34 and it seems to freeze every once in a while, usually when the simulation is at about 241 Mpts.  I am running the cli version on a win 2k PC.  I just have to restart it and it works ok for about 2 days.

Another error is that when I first start the cli version sometimes it will give a list of about 20 errors (the same error as far as I can tell, just listed a bunch of times) as it is trying to download the sample results file.  I haven't been able to write it down, but the next time I see it I will Be sure to post it.


Stephen Brooks
2004-03-05 02:43:14
If those are "bad checksum" errors, check that you're downloading the sample results file from the right location, which has changed recently to although that should be what is written as default in the v4.34 installation.

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2004-03-06 09:14:16
Ya, it was " Record Rejected Due to Bad Checksum: Was

And I'll be sure to check the location of the file when I get home today.


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