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wirthi [Free-DC]
2002-08-12 00:11:21

I just submitted results for the first time, and now I can find myself 3 times in the stats.  I currently (statsrun of 2002-Aug-12, 07:03 UTC) occupy places 236-238. But that's quite impossible, I have currently just one machine working on this project, I have only done 9 workunits overall (not 3 times 9), and in all of my 1 machine(s) there is the same username specified smile Seems to be a problem with the stats?

Stephen Brooks
2002-08-12 02:01:53
Yes that's strange it does that.  I thought it was something to do with the same user installing on multiple machines before the first WU was submitted, but evidently the stats generator is still being a bit odd.

Don't worry, removing these 'clones' from the stats is as easy as deleting a couple of lines from a "usernames.txt" file I have on the stats PC - the results in the database are always correct (i.e. not cloned) - the thing just sometimes counts them multiple times.  I could also try making a more permanent fix for this by getting the stats generator to actively remove these extra names from that file as they come up.

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wirthi [Free-DC]
2002-08-12 12:30:24

I've found something: I didn't put a newline in my user.txt.  Just the username.  Perhaps that caused some trouble?
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