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2004-04-27 04:32:22
Stephen, I was trying to send a massive results file in today with 11724 results in it totally about 12mb in size.  It seems there is a bug in the sending of a file that big and the maximum is only 4550kb as I have tried to send this in twice and both times the file reached a 4550kb and that is it, but the send log seems to think all results have been sent.  I am going to break up the file into 4 3Mb files and resend but I am unsure of which results have been sent twice.  Can you please do a dupe check on my account, a bug fix for this sending would be good as I will occasionally have files this big again

David Glasson
Stephen Brooks
2004-04-27 08:17:28
OK, I'm testing manualsend right now.  I needed to do that for v4.4 anyway, and will post back if anything shows up.  I wasn't aware that there was an intrinsic limitation to how big the result files should be, but I'm trying with a 42MB one here.
Stephen Brooks
2004-04-27 08:26:56
20040427-151842 42759 results sent to
Well it works here, though I'm now using the v4.4 manual sender which compresses them into binary before sending.  It can send earlier versions' results too (these were a load of v4.34 I think) so I guess you can use this once I've debugged it.  Though I suspect I'll just release v4.4 with it packaged anyway, as a lot of the remaining work is simply to do with testing the compressed results now.

BTW, the duplicate checker is always on on your account so it will remove those you sent twice.
2004-04-27 14:22:03
Thanks Stephen for your prompt reply, I lok forward to the new version soon
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