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2004-04-28 10:29:59
now that transfers have exceeded 10%, do you and the designers foresee or predict that the transfers will continue to increase in efficiency?  and if so, by how much?  Wink
Stephen Brooks
2004-04-29 05:02:38
Again, the project surprises me by having one of its sudden jumps after months of staying still.  Maybe on the next optimisation I should get it to identify the successive record-breakers to see how they are actually improving.  Notice on the graph that this jump was actually several jumps in rapid succession - perhaps once one of the new improvements was out, other refinements were easier to make?

The transfers for this "SolenoidsTo15cm" optimisation won't get much higher I _think_, though primarily because we'll move on to optimising something a bit more interesting than just a decay channel.
2004-04-30 19:44:33
Any idea when we will be moving on to these "bit more interesting simulations"?
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-04 06:32:45
Ought to be within the month.
[DPC]TeamNWW - Huub
2004-05-04 07:30:45
Amazing!!  Does anyone have an idea how to 'visualise' what you could do with 450Ghz for two straight months???  All visual effects for the Matrix series??  something like that??
2004-05-04 18:22:54
Hmm...might have to jump back on the project with the new client.

Any hints about the new simulation?  Smile
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