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2004-04-29 15:10:32
It seems that my server ( has not been dumped for several days.  I haven't seen the datacenter member for a while, and there are 32 megs of results (possibly more in other dir's) sitting idle
Stephen Brooks
2004-04-30 06:09:25
I can log on using Windows FTP and can see the files that haven't been downloaded.  In a few minutes the stats generator will start up, so I'll see what it does when it tries to make contact.

BTW, does your server allow passive-mode connections?
Stephen Brooks
2004-04-30 06:52:10
Here's what I get when I try to download from your server:
Bmarks loaded.
Data connection timed out.
Could not read reply from control connection -- timed out.
Passive mode refused.
ncftpget *: passive mode failed.
Data connection timed out.
Falling back to PORT instead of PASV mode.
ftp\signal.dat: 98.00 B 418.80 B/s
Moving files from ftp\\v4.3x... ..
0:36 - 0 still going
...looks like PASV mode really isn't working on yours, and ncftpget is not doing a good job of making the other mode work.  Could you make PASV work?
2004-04-30 19:11:11
Ahhh...I see why.  My computer committed "virtual suicide" a while ago, and while the server software did not need reinstalling, apparently the settings got messed up.  PASV is now reenabled, but I'm not quite sure if the port range is correct.  I'll double check tommorow.
2004-05-01 18:16:47
status on this?
2004-05-02 05:37:33
2004-05-02 17:04:53
seems stats haven't been updating for some time either =/
2004-05-03 11:46:18
Yeah, and Stephen doesn't even seem to be around these days!  Mad
2004-05-03 14:51:56
Working on it.  Really sorry, think its a firewall problem, or software.  Taking the router down today and reloading some stuff, hope to fix it.
2004-05-04 18:31:12
There!  Think it is fixed now.

Believe it was a router issue.  The PASV mode should work now, everything is configured correctly.
2004-05-04 19:40:04
I still see about 6-7 megs of my own on there... Frown

These going over tonight?
2004-05-05 17:36:05
I would assume so.  My end is fixed, we just have to wait for Stephen's automatic script to grab them.

Instead of grabbing them all at once, it apparently likes to grab 10-15 megs at a time, so takes a while to clear out (there were at one point 64 some megs stored).
2004-05-05 22:58:16
Thx for your work excalibur!  Smile
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-06 02:17:27
I saw a jump in the net calculation graph, which usually happens when one of these comes back online.  Must be working - thanks for fixing it.
2004-05-06 13:25:05
No problem, glad life is back to normal Smile
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