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2004-05-02 20:15:03
I'm curious about some of the results that are in the Best Muon list.

If a result was not quarantined and run 5 or more times, can it still count as a Best Muon?  The reason I ask is that I know I have submitted some results that should be in the top 50, but they don't show.  They also only ran one time.  Is that the difference?

When I look in the sample files, most of the high results have run 5 times.

2004-05-02 21:22:14

When were the stats with the higher muon transfer submitted?  It is possible the stats server has not picked them up yet, as it's been a fair number of hours since the last update...

2004-05-02 22:58:49
Originally posted by [TA]z:
... as it's been a fair number of hours since the last update ...

I guess that's it JohnB, the stats haevn't updated for about 24 hours now, so I guess your sample is stuck somewhere!
2004-05-03 11:47:08
Not just 24 ... almost 72h by now Mad
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