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2002-08-12 10:26:06
Stephen, some of my team mates have problem with graphical client.  All they get is a blank screen and nothing else.  can you stop by this thread and see if you can help us out?

Intel P3-M 866 MHz
Duron 1000 MHz
XP 1600+ @ 2000+
2002-08-15 04:21:53
I have the same problem.  All programs (foreground, background and viewer) start and then hang.  Those with graphics also open a window with the taskbar tag 'Oh Sod it'.

The problem started with the last 4.1x version.

I'm using NT with Service pack 4.
Stephen Brooks
2002-08-15 04:57:48
If you can somehow manage to minimise the window that's making the screen black, you'll see that the error window contains a couple of numbers, which would tell me which part of the code is going wrong.

Try setting the config.txt resolution to 320x200 because this will sometimes make a smaller graphics window that does not obscure the error window.

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2002-08-15 06:15:43
Had a similar problem on a previous version of the viewer when on NT 4 SP5. since then I have upgraded to SP6 and the latest viewer works ok.
2002-08-16 00:08:46
After some experimenting with TaskManager I managed to get rid of the black window.

The 'Od sod it' window contains the following message -

" DirectDraw error 88760078 @ 3 "

Hope it helps
2002-08-16 01:55:31
I have to correct myself - the PC is running with NT with SP6.

The whole thing is called :
Microsoft (R) Windows NT (R) Version 4.0 (Build 1381: Service Pack 6)
2002-08-16 12:42:17
When I spoke to Stephen about this at the time, he said it may be because NT4 uses DirectX5 (there is no later version for NT to upgrade to that I know of) so he may be using features that did not exist.

However, as I said, the latest version works ok for me so it may be some other dll compatibility problem or even your graphics card drivers - see if there are later versions available - which may be performing some of the direct draw functions themselves rather than the DirectX dll.


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