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2004-05-11 07:31:52
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-11 08:09:53
Yes, I saw that, then fiddled around with the sample file generator and set it running and thought I'd fixed it.  Actually it wasn't fixed, so I've now had another go at it and it's likely to be working now.
2004-05-11 08:45:24
are the sample files updated hourly?  if not, the files are still at 0 KB.  not trying to rush, just letting you know Smile
2004-05-11 08:48:11
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-11 09:04:33
Now it leaks memory quite rapidly, so made the system unstable.  There won't be any sample files until tomorrow.
2004-05-11 09:11:35
do you have an old copy from like yesterday or anything that you could just throw up in its place so that people can download at least a semi-current one?
2004-05-11 09:23:50
In case Stephen is not able to put up an old one, here is one from yesterday:

2004-05-11 09:30:15
thanx z, i update mine manually every day but havent done so since friday.  thank you!
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-12 01:46:22
They should be reappearing quite soon.

[edit] Oops... might take a bit longer... weird this simple program is behaving so badly.
2004-05-12 06:16:45
that's okay... it looks like there was a nice surprise in the works anyhow
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-12 06:55:43
SolenoidsTo15cm seems to be back up, although with a "random guest" result sitting at the top Razz
2004-05-12 07:12:19
Thanks Stephen Smile
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