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Stephen Brooks
2004-05-12 08:24:30
First results in ChicaneLinacA and PhaseRotA, respecively.  The awesome power of DGROMS even managed to dump a whole 100KB first time.

Mr.Hyde submitted a single result, which had the interesting effect of making the Y-axis calibrate in units of "0.2 of a result":

...well, it amused me anyway.
2004-05-12 14:29:43
Thanks Stephen, With the time difference here in OZ I think I was lucky to see the new version before most people and thought straight away it would be a good idea to put both the new client and both new optimsations on two machines.

How much longer are you going to run solenoidsto15cm before retiring it?
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-13 02:42:03
Well I'm quite interested in the new improvement it's shown recently, but it will probably be phased out when the percentage stops increasing for a couple of weeks.
[OCAU] badger
2004-05-13 18:32:18
what about v4.31?

are you still accepting results from this version?

I stil have that k6-400 chugging away on it, I tried v4.4 in case it would run, but no joy.

probably time it retired anyway...
[OCAU] badger
2004-05-14 00:33:10
i/m guessing not, seeing as the v4.4 maualsend skillfully removes the v4.31 results from the results file before sending it...
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-14 01:27:58
Manualsend needs to be in the muon folder in order to work, otherwise it can't find the lattice and data files for checking the results.  Also your 4.31 folder won't have the datafiles folder so they'll be in the wrong place for it.  You should have used the manualsend that came packaged with the 4.31 version.
[OCAU] badger
2004-05-14 04:36:37
aha, I have been merging the 4.31 results into my regular 4.34 results.txt, seemed to work ok.
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