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2004-05-12 08:40:50
Hi Stephen..

Now that you have added a new colum V4.4 in the rawstats.txt, we will have to change our statsprograms.

So the question is, does the Total Mpts for a user equal MPts from ChicaneLinacA, PhaseRotA, SolenoidsOnly and SolenoidsTo15cm ?

I cant seem to get my total mpts to match your!
2004-05-12 10:22:55
I've been able to match the stats with:

Total Mpts = Mpts in ChicanLinacA + Mpts in PhaseRotA + Mpts in SolenoidsTo15cm
(do not include SolenoidsOnly)
2004-05-12 12:11:53
That will work fine, [TA]z

Now there are only a few things left.

Why does ChicaneLinacA and PhaseRotA come before the obsolete results, and not after.
Much easier to parse if just read until starts.

Why are there 2 new types, and will their "best muon percentage" be of comparable types or should we consider them 2 seperate values.?
What will a new best value be, a positive float/single or a negative value?

Hope I dont ask to much, stephen Smile
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-13 02:38:17
The thing about not adding SolenoidsOnly scores into the totals is probably an error on my part... You should add all of them together, but not the very first section of the stats file, which is from v4.2 and measured in Particles rather than Mpts.  The format is:

Header row (comma-separated)
Stats for v4.2 (tab-separated)
Stats for that (tab-separated)
Stats for that, etc.

The order the optimisations come in is irrelevant (except that the top part is always v4.2), since they each label their own chunk.

The muon percentages are not directly comparable between the different optimisations, as they are measured at different points in the machine.  The best value in the newer ones can either be positive or negative, but I'm having to fix my stats program to make sure negative works here.
2004-05-13 12:22:15
So how do I measure the best of the new muons?

Is that the largest positive of largest negative number?
2004-05-13 14:11:58
Originally posted by [TA]Soni:
So how do I measure the best of the new muons?

Is that the largest positive of largest negative number? 

It is just simply the largest number -0.4 is larger than -0.5. But don't worry too much, the numbers will be in the positive soon.  In PhaseRotA I have already got a -0.17 and a -1.38 with ChicaneLinacA and that is in only 2 days
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