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2004-05-14 05:30:04
After manually sending, then rebooting last night, all looked normal, but this morning I had no "results.txt". All my files showed last night's date and time.  Task Managers (Win2K) showed Muon1 at 99%, but I noticed that my I/O Read column (you need to turn it on to see it), was at 32 billion and still climbing fast.  I manually killed Muon1 (version 4.34) and restarted in CommandLine mode instead of background. 

It appears to be hanging on the LatticeList File older than 4 hours message.  It showed a new LatticeList file in the folder and it was dated properly, but Muon1 was doing nothing and the I/O Read was up to 600,000 and climbing within minutes.

I killed Muon1 again and restarted it.  Now, all seems fine because it didn't try to download Latticelist again.  In four hours, that may not be the case.

I haven't installed the newest client yet, but will at the 4 hour point if it appears to be doing the same thing.
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-14 09:05:07
Actually, latticelist.txt hung my Muon client too, so I'm going to fix this.  It doesn't always do it though - on some networks it's fine.  v4.41 should include a timeout.
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