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2004-05-21 10:33:01

Is this a graphical error?

The result appears to be normal in the results.txt file...
8.131719 (332.6 Mpts)
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-21 11:02:28
I think I know what that is - I fixed some defaults including 't_max' (end time for the simulation).  The default is actually infinite time, and SolenoidsTo15cm, being an older lattice, doesn't set it itself.  There _is_ a hard-coded line in Muon1 to set the t_max for SolenoidsTo15cm by hand, but I think I put the "set parameters to defaults before reading from lattice file" command _after_ it, so its effect was negated.  That's as specific as I can be without actually seeing the code, I'd guess I can fix this with 4.41a on Wednesday.

It's fortunately not too critical as long as you don't mind simulating a little while longer to wait for the last particles to either be lost or decay...!
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-21 11:05:44
Congratulations on 50 trillion particle-timesteps, by the way!
2004-05-21 11:07:23
thanks Smile
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