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2004-05-21 13:15:19
The new version wants to dial out after a completion to download files.  Big problem when this computer is on a dialup connection.  I have the config set to not auto send results.  Any help would be appreciated.  Also is there any way to adjust your time out feature to say 10 to 15 seconds instead of the 100+?

P.S. The speed is great compared to 4.4.
2004-05-21 14:08:42
Well, I disabled all updates and it seems to correct the problem.  I'm guessing that since that the optimization files are non existant at this point that is where the problem actually arises.
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-21 14:36:04
Yes, for offline operation you have to switch off several things:
  • Auto-send results
  • Download/merge of samplefiles
  • Update of lattices from website if you are only intermittantly online you use manualsend.bat to send results.  Updating the lattices - well, you can either copy the from someone else or get them from (right-click and download).  Samplefiles you can download from the main page and then just paste into results.dat at some point (the beginning would make them easier to find).
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