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2004-05-21 19:59:45
Stephen so now that v4.41 is out what would happen to v4.4 results based on the older lattices?  I tried submitting but got an error message.
2004-05-22 00:13:55
Your will still receive points for having submitted those v4.4 results, but those results are essentially of no scientific value.  It is my understanding that they are being stored in a separate area of the database.

What error are you getting?  I am still able to flush v4.4 results without a problem.
2004-05-22 03:23:57
Solved my problem I just copied ChicaneLinacA.txt and PhaseRotA.txt from another client to my current PC and then manualsent the results.  Its seems that I may need to speed up the migration of all my v4.4 clients.
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-22 06:59:49
Was the error you were getting that "ChicaneLinacA doesn't exist", or that "You need version 4.41 to interpret this lattice"?.
2004-05-25 11:28:19
I'm getting the "ChicaneLinacA doesn't exist" error... sorry to hijack the thread but could someone please send me ChicaeLinacA.txt?  I think someone did this and it was solved.  I've tried looking in a few other of my machines but I don't have such a file is my addy
2004-05-25 12:34:14
Actually, it only partially solves the problem.  Muon, for some reason, will delete the ChicaneLinacA file after a while, meaning you will ahve to continuously watch for the deletion and replace it. 

The easist fix is to go through your results.dat and remove any [4.4] results.
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-26 03:40:31
Yeah this is due to some of the "pre-checking" that goes on before the send being rather too strict.  Oddly, this is exactly the same problem that appears to have downed the stats for the last couple of days, since that has to calculate checksums too.  I'm looking into fixing both those things right now...
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