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2004-05-24 13:54:25
i sit here on work, a the pc is doing muon.  now i want send my results to you and it doesnt work.  To know where the error is i have do this: ftp -> open and it says unknown host.  The ftp ports are closed?  But is there another way to send my results?
2004-05-25 07:04:57
is that server "" even a server in use for the muon project?  i dont see that on a list of servers at all... download a new servers.csv and see if that helps.
2004-05-25 07:33:30
'foohost' <-- FOO
I think used it as a general example.
2004-05-25 14:24:23
yes, that was an example.  I could not get on my own webspace.
2004-05-25 14:33:49
ok i find a website .
there the server do so as an ftp-server but i can get on it with html.
Long time a go, i found a list with ftp-passes for muon.  now i need an ftp server like or with passwords.  I didnt find the passes.
2004-05-25 21:27:54
try this one this is [TA]z's server:
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