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2004-05-24 19:29:31
Hi All,

I am currently running Muon on my work computer but due to restrictions i connot get the results to upload to the server.  I have been told it should work but i don't want to push the point, as they are pretty tuff on non work related programs running.

Anyway, what i thought i could do is jst have a 2nd identical folde ron my home computer and evry few days just e-mail to my home e-mail the relevant files needed to upload the results.

Question is: What files do i need to send via e-mail besides the results.txt?
This home folder will not be running Muon, it will siomply be for uploading results from my work box.

Also, just wondering if the stats page is working, as it doesn't look like it has changed for the past few days.


2004-05-24 20:19:19
There is only one file you need to e-mail, and that is results.txt

You can run into problems if you try to mix client versions, though.  If you have results from a v4.3, don't send it with v4.41. It just won't work right.  (personal experience talking)
2004-05-24 20:53:14
Thanks [TA]JonB

I plan to e-mail the whole folder the first time so all the files will be the same and i'll just update each time there is a new version out.

Thanks again

2004-05-24 23:05:17
I just had another thought.  Is it ok to just delete the results.txt file after i have e-mailed it to my sending machine?  And will the client continue to do it's thing wiothout any problems?

2004-05-24 23:30:33
Hi, a while back i encountered the same problem with closed ports and so on.  ZeonX[OCAU] made a websender - try his nice little gadget.


posted 2003-Oct-14 08:31
Hey all, I have made a program so people can send results to my ftp ( but through a webpage on my server.  This means you can send results as long as you have HTTP (Web Page) access.

I have uploaded it and I will keep the page (link below) updated with the new versions.  I will also start a version history but I don't know if I will really have to update it much.

Just download it and extract into your muon1 directory, there is a readme file on how to install and how to use the proxy support.  If you have any problems email me to the address in that readme file or post in this forum.

Have fun and I hope it works.

A big thanks goes out to Abyzz and Slartibartfast for helping me test it.

[This message was edited by ZeonX[OCAU] on 2003-Oct-14 at 13:03.]
[OCAU] badger
2004-05-25 02:35:57
you might find that the http sender doesn't yet work for version 4.4x

however I have had success manually sending it via ftp - just run manualsend to create the .bin file and then manually login and put the file into the right directory.  You can use the file script.ftp as a guide to what shoudl be done in ftp.
2004-05-25 02:50:43
Thanks for all the replies.

I tried the websender as suggested by <Abyss> from my home box with 4.4 results and it worked fine.  I checked Zeonx ftp file list and it showed my upload sitting there waiting.

Though im yet to try it from work.  Ill give it a test tomorrow.


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