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2004-06-06 13:41:45
I'm sure people have asked this before, but how do I make it so that Muon1 only runs a certain simulation.  I've been getting really good results on PhaseRotB (As some of you may have noticed) so I intend to run that alone.  Thanks Cool
2004-06-06 14:11:22
I remember reading somewhere that the client should be started with an extra parameter, being the name of the simulation, e.g.:
muon1 PhaseRotB
muon1 -b PhaseRotB
muon1 -c PhaseRotB

I'm not 100% sure though.  Try it, and if it doesn't work; do a search or wait for the experienced users on this terrain to come by.
2004-06-06 18:44:01
That should work.

You can also open the 'lattices' folder and move the unwanted lattice files to another folder to hide them.  It will only work if you edit the config.txt file to never update lattice files, though.
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