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2004-07-06 20:24:40
im having trouble sending my results using the FTP 'interface.' i've been able to do 2 successful submissions, but i cannot complete any more submissions.  for every server i connect to i get something that looks like this:

230 User logged in.
ftp> lcd C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\muon
lcd local directory.
ftp> mkdir v4.4x
550 v4.4x: File exists
ftp> cd v4.4x
250 CWD command successful.
ftp> binary
200 Type set to I
ftp> put 20040707-032325-ds5un-peterzal.bin
Connection closed by remote host.
ftp> cd ..
Not connected.
ftp> get signal.dat
Not connected.
ftp> mkdir testfiles
Not connected.
ftp> cd testfiles
Not connected.
ftp> lcd testfiles
Local directory now C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\muon\testfiles.
ftp> put testfile_izlxlzxteap.txt
Not connected.
ftp> lcd ..
Local directory now C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\muon.
ftp> get testfile_izlxlzxteap.txt
Not connected.
ftp> del testfile_izlxlzxteap.txt
Not connected.
ftp> quit

I have not modified any files after completing my initial two submissions, so i have absolutely no idea what could be wrong.  Any help / ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Henri Valta
2004-07-07 04:47:42
Try changing
"Use passive (PASV) mode for FTP transfers"
setting in config.txt
and maybe
"Use old FTP calling method (as pre-v4.34; can hang, but more compatible with ZoneAlarm)"
if you're using a firewall software
2004-07-07 19:32:20
i just tried that with no luck.  can i just use an ftp client to upload the .bin file or will that not work?  if not what could i do to somehow submit my results?
2004-07-08 00:59:47
Originally posted by peterzal:
i just tried that with no luck.  can i just use an ftp client to upload the .bin file or will that not work?  if not what could i do to somehow submit my results? 

.bin?  I think you mean results.txt
It should work.
2004-07-08 06:15:37
i was referring to this:

ftp> put 20040707-032325-ds5un-peterzal.bin

but yes youre right i meant to say results.txt Smile
2004-07-09 20:51:57
so anyways, is there any way for me to manual upload these results ?  (ive got like a few days worth of results and dont want them to go to waste)
Stephen Brooks
2004-07-10 03:08:59
1. Try sending them from another computer, if you can, just to make sure it's not a local/ISP problem.  You can run "manualsend" to send results.txt from a directory manually, so if you copy your muon folder to another machine it would be interesting to see if that then works.

2. Uploading directly to the FTP servers is possible - look in "servers.csv" and it has the public usernames and passwords used for the upload.  You should put your results.txt in the /v4.4x folder, but only after renaming it into the format 20040710-123456-abcde-Your_Name.txt .
2004-07-10 16:19:17
What are those numbers?  date - time - ?
2004-07-11 03:08:10
Date - two random strings - your user name.
Stephen Brooks
2004-07-12 03:16:31
They happen to be date-time, but this is not used right now for anything (since it displays the _client_ clock - so I just get to know who has their computer clock set wrong!).  They just have to be digits, so I think 00000000-000000-DUCKS-User_name.txt would work.
2004-07-12 06:10:13
ok great that worked.  i uploaded the .bin file to the v4.4x folder.
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