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2004-07-30 21:08:10
Just curious if having a 64bit windows version of this would benefit at all as far as number crunching goes.  Got 2 AMD 64 bit machines running MUON right now.  Just not sure if the port-over would be worth the trouble if it wouldn't benefit from it.  Thanks Smile
2004-07-31 05:19:42
Win 64-bit is still sometime away at least 1st quarter 2005. And substantial speed increase will only be seen if the client is 64-bit as well.  But Stephen might not port it over as AMD 64-bit clients are a minority.
2004-07-31 06:25:54
I have an AMD64 system and at one time had the Windows 64 beta running, but don't remember that it behaved any differently (32 bit program in a 64 bit environment).  If it were substantially faster, I could be swayed back to running the Windows beta (but for now, it isn't worth the hassle).

With the new A64 processors and motherboards that are available, it just might give me upgrade fever again.
2004-08-24 07:59:24
With the latest build (b 1218) of Windows XP x64 Edition, it is much faster than the public release (b 1069).  I'm sure a 64bit version of muon would benefit here.
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