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2004-08-05 09:53:55
ok i left it on overnight, came to the site and typed my name into users and found nothing.

how can i tell if it is uploading data or not?
2004-08-05 10:07:44
Check the file sendlog.log and see what it says...
2004-08-05 14:48:07
there wasnt one.  i just sent in manually and that worked.  i ran config_net though before i ran it last night.
2004-08-05 14:51:41
how long does it take tos end in results?

it said it connected and results where sent, but when i search for my name its not listed.
2004-08-05 17:17:17
you're on the stat list.  No.  368 when listed by username.  When checking, note that capitalization matters.  Capitalized names first, lower case second.

If you've got the connection automated, your computer probably only sends results after 100kb of collected data (which takes me about 18hrs to accumulate).  Stats seem to update regularly and often.  Hope some of this helps.
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