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2004-08-05 10:30:18
Currently DPC is the number two team when it comes to contributed work calculated in Mpts:
The above stats are generated using simplestats.txt

On the project site however DPC is said to be the number 4 team on both stats pages:
This is because the points of users inactive over 1000 hours are not calculated.
(Also the scores on these two sites differ; why?)

Within DPC we believe that the 1000 hour rule is a little silly.  Work done in the past is just as important as work currently done.

Now we can flush a single small result on behalf of each of our inactive team members, but we'd rather just have this 1000 hour rule removed.

What do Stephen and other users think about this?
2004-08-05 22:02:06
I think its especially stupid for the team totals!
Stephen Brooks
2004-08-06 00:56:55
On reflection, I think it might be better if I replaced that "rule" by a simple filter so that people could choose themselves whether the stats rankings display very old accounts.  I put it in originally mainly just so that the linear rankings (going down to 400 or so) didn't get cluttered by the old accounts that you just have to wade through.
2004-08-06 02:11:10
Thanks.  That would be great.  Cool

Then I have just one question regarding this left: why do the team totals on your two stats pages differ?
2004-08-06 02:18:54
Nice reflection Stephen

Stephan202: Maybe the difference is related to the 'error' in simplestats.txt compared to the rawstats?
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