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2004-08-12 16:05:16
Hello everyone, some of you may have used my stats before v4.4 was introduced.  Since then my stats had been borked and I had no time to update them.  I do not plan on reintroducing my stats either. 

However, I am passing the torch and to make it easier I am providing pre-calculated raw stats.  These are based on the simplifyed data and do not include best muon information. 

These text files will provide:

1) 24 hour global and team rank change data for users
2) 24 hour global rank change for teams
3) Today's production for users and teams
4) Yesterday's production for users and teams
5) Weekly production for users and teams
6) Monhtly proudction for users and teams
7) Last update production for users and teams
8) And of course total production numbers of MPTS and Simulations. 

These will be updated hourly.  I've made it fail safe.  If the raw stats text files return with a 404 no action will be taken and it will sleep for another hour.  However, I do remember some wierd things going on with Stephen's stats before and there is nothing it can do to prevent that from occuring, but if something occurs it should rectify itself on the next stats run.

All are welcome to use this information @

Please note there is a file named lastrun.txt...
I do ask that you please use this in your scripts to determine whether there is new data available to keep down the bandwidth usage.  There is no need to download every file every time your script checks it, especially if nothing has changed.  When my scripts succesfully find new data it will change the timestamp in that file, so you will know there is new information to grab.


p.s. if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments direct them to webmaster at ezracing dot net
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